Retro Lover #51

It’s been a long time since I published a Retro Lover post. Lately I’ve been finding little things on Vinted and Etsy.

I hunt reasonably and slowly add to my collections. Now I’m mostly looking for stationery, it doesn’t take up much space haha.

First, I found some erasers that I didn’t have. I don’t know the brand. It says “Made in Japan” on the sticks, but no further details.

This Smurfs notebook is really cute. I know I had one as a kid, but I can’t remember if it was this exact model. The brand is Michel Oks, which you may know. I also had pens and, above all, figurines. I still have little blue scissors, but I no longer have the pouch that went with them.

When I saw these mini markers, my heart leapt: yes, I had them! They don’t work anymore, but I’m glad to have them back in their little boxes. They say MC103 Japan on the back, but I couldn’t find any info on them.

And finally, a real treasure: a Betty Boop wallet I had as a child. It’s a lovely find I made on Etsy while doing a “Michel Oks” search. It’s in perfect condition. I was so sorry I hadn’t kept mine.

In short, if you’re looking for 80s stationery, do a Michel Oks search and you’ll find plenty. And if you want to delve into your schoolboy memories of that era, take a look here, here and here .

In the next Retro Lover post, I’ll show you another well-known brand of vintage stationery.

See you soon!

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