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In my last post, I wondered what kind of workspace I would like, if I followed the heart or the mind. I say workspace and not office because I don’t have a room dedicated to this function. Knowing that I will work at home, it was essential for me to have a regular desk divided in two parts : one for the digital creation with a computer, the other for the concrete creation with all the stuffs like painting, pens etc.

Fortunately, I had the possibility to put my desk along a single wall.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (9)

The desk has been created with several components found in DIY and home furnishings stores. It was important to think about this space before building it according to my specific needs (storages and worktops).

It is composed of three elements from our favorite Swedish store – one with drawers, another with a door and the third with shelves – and three pine worktops from a DIY store.

I chose lighted and neutral colors.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (10)

The part where the computer stands is not cluttered in order to put documentation beside me when I work. Finally, I followed the mind in this part of the desk even if I added a few personal items I like.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (2)

On the right side of the desk, I chose to follow my heart and to put things, illustrations and books I love in addition to the material.

The work surface is protected by a big cutting mat.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (1)

To clear the workspace, I had the idea to place a work surface vertically and to fix some bars. On these, I hanged pencil cups and a wired basket in order to stock pencils, scissors, pens etc.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (3)

But, as I have said before, I chose to follow my personal tastes placing here and there my favorite objects like the eighties stationary found in car-boot sale.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (4)

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (6)

I also keep on hand the illustrations and the books that inspire me like the famous Guess how much I love you as well as another children books.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (5)

If I want more luminosity or the room look tidy when we recieve ghests, I can easily remove the cutting mat because the material is not on it.

We don’t use the electric heating (the apartment is very hot), so I used it to put the materials used less frequently and the Ingela P. Arrhenius big book of Animals, one of my favorite illustrator.
Mister Lapin Mon bureau (7)

I like to draw vertically because I think it give more freedom to the hand. I didn’t have space for my easel, so I bought a smaller one very useful. I can fit it under the desk when I don’t use it.

Mister Lapin Mon bureau (8)

After hesitating and groping, I can now say that my workspace is like I hoped, at once personalized and functionnal, a perfect balance between the heart and the mind.

Next mission : to find a chair. Do you have suggestions?

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