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Creating my visual identity has been easy, Mister Lapin was born quickly under the point of my stylus. Designing my business card was very much more difficult and reminded me this quote from Aiga seen in the David Sherwin’s book, Creative workshop : “Designing for yourself is worse than representing a client; it can be like having an identity crisis.”

I wanted something simple, funny and including all the useful informations. I tested various colors, but none was appropriate. I wanted to make something simple with the logo on one side and the informations on the other side, but it was too simple. I tried to imagine an embossed card, but there was not enough space for all the things I wanted to put on the card. And to complicate the matter, I really wanted to include a QR code to facilitate the user experience on tablet or smartphone.

Can you see the problem?

So I asked myself : how do you do for a customer? What do you ask him? What informations you want to put on your business card?

I began to answer to the last question. I wanted a QR code like I said previously, a logo and my name, of course, the field of competence and the website, the email and the socials network. After drawing up a list, I created a vertical composition to lighten the page layout, to leave enough space between each information block and to have a a good readability.

Mister Lapin business card (01)

The card is divided into three parts :
– at the top, the identity with the logo, the brand name and mine
– in the middle the QR code and the business sector
– at the bottom the website, the email and the social networks

Small tip for the social networks : the same username for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow to have a coherent identity, to be find more easily and to lighten the business card! Three icons, one username, all in one line.

Mister Lapin business card (04)

On the other side, I decided to invite the business card recipient to show creativity designing his Mister Lapin.

Mister Lapin business card (03)

So, I selected a paper perfect to writing on.


I chose Moo to print these cards because I knew their products. I opted for the Moo luxe with a black color fill and round corner in harmony with my design. The quality is very good, my business cards are as I imagined.

Mister Lapin business card (02)

I passed the test “designing for yourself” and I got a result which satisfied me.

And you? Are you your worst customer or have you designed easily your visual identity and business card?


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