A space to work : the heart or the mind

When we work at home a well-defined workspace is a necessity, because putting all the things away every day is out of the question.

This workspace must also be functional, but the wellness notion mustn’t be neglected because it is a space where we spend many hours everyday. When I talk about wellness, I refer to the pleasant sensation you feel when you sit at the desk, the sensation that it is the perfect place to create and work.

Obviously, when I started to think about my desk I started to visit Pinterest.

I wanted a desk with a sleek design, easy to clear, without distractions. I started to collect pictures of white workspaces, with a scandinavian style. Everything would be in its place leaving on the desk only the essentials.


Desire to inspire

Logically, the colors should be neutral : white with a touch of grey and black.



Clearly, it was only an ideal vision, because an artistic job means having a lot and a lot of material and therefore, needing a lot of functional storage within reach, like these large drawers.

Seventeenth & Irving


When I was looking for some ideas on Pinterest, I found far more exciting pictures of workspaces. The mind was telling me to be pragmatic, to not get distracted and the heart was telling me to create a personalized space, in my image, a space stimulating my creativity.

My first objection to pragmatism was : having a lot of storage is a good thing, but all the stuff must be easily accessible, because open and close drawers all the time become quickly unnerving. I realized that the pictures with many supplies on the desk enjoyed me more than white organized spaces.

illustrator Oliver Jeffers' studio with paints and pens on table

The Guardian


Design Sponge




The second objection was related to my way of working. I know very well that wanting a bright space may not be adequate to me. I need inspiration from things I like, from others artists illustrations, from books or from my own creations.

I can easily imagine a moodboard above my desk.


SF Girl By Day


Apartment Therapy

So, emotion or pragmatism? Do we have to oppose both? A bright workspace is necessary to think clearly?

I’ll show you on the next post how I chose to organise my desk.

And you? Did you follow the heart or the mind?

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