Easter Diys

Today I am going to offer you different little Easter decorations and cards made from masking tape and stickers.

I started by making a card: you’ll need the Happy Easter masking tape, a card (or cardstock folded in half) and an Easter design. I drew a little bunny. You can find the link to download it at the bottom of the post.

We begin by covering the face of the card with masking tape.

To give the little bunny some relief, I glued pieces of featherboard to the back, then glued the bunny to the card.

With the other masking tape I customized Easter eggs: you need Easter eggs (link at bottom of post), a card, a paper bag and masking tape.

Simply glue the eggs to the base and decorate with the cut out masking tape.

I then decorated a box to give chocolates with masking tape and stickers.

I covered the lid of the box and adhered stickers. If you feel like it you can either paint the bottom of the box or cover it with masking tape like the lid.

Also as a chocolate gift, I decorated a clear bag. You need raffia, a clear bag, a wooden clothespin, a sticker and masking tape.

Cover the clip with masking tape and a sticker and close the bag with the raffia and clip.

To finish I made a little card with the egg stickers and a piece of burlap.

Cut a basket out of the burlap. Glue the eggs on the card and then the basket on top.

Here is a nice set of little things to offer for Easter.

I hope you like it.

I would like to tell you that no chocolate was mistreated during the making of this article, unfortunately two of them did not survive…

If you want to make the same craft as me, the egg and the bunny are to download below, I put different formats.

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See you soon!

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