Halloween Paper Toy

For Halloween, I designed a paper toy bat and a garland.

To make this bat, you will need :

  • the printable (at the bottom of the article)
  • a cardboard sheet for the bat and a printer sheet for the pattern
  • a box
  • scissors, glue

Print the bat on card stock and the pattern on printer paper.

Cut out the bat and fold it to look like the picture. I’m sorry, I forgot to photograph the steps, but it’s pretty simple. You will put glue on the tabs.

Glue the design onto a box. You can take any shape of box. I took a round one because that’s what I had on hand.

Don’t forget to fill it with candies!

To complete your Halloween decoration, I also suggest a garland. I advise you to print it on thicker paper so that each element will fit better.

Here is our Halloween decoration. I collected some branches in the garden to make a tree on which to hang some decorations in the style of German Easter trees.

The files

Have fun!

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