Moana Birthday #1 The Kakamora Invitation

As you will have seen on my Instagram feed, my daughter asks me for a Moana birthday (she hesitated a long time between Yo-Kai Watch and Moana). Like last year, we decided to celebrate her birthday at home and I’m sure we’ll have fun to decorate it. Last year, we had to deal with 9 kids in our appartment for two and a half hour and it was a hard work! This year, we tell her that 6 kids was enough.

I love so much making the invitation myself and for this birthday I was creating a simple monstera invitation, but then I visualized in my head a Kakamora puppet. I like to complicate my life, haha.

To make this invitation you need :

  • The English file to print on thick paper (link at the bottom of this post)
  • Green and pink felt
  • Glassine paper envelope
  • Self adhesive grips
  • Little brass fasteners
  • Pink thread and needle
  • Baker Twine
  • Scissors, cutter, glue, hole punch

Cut all the Kakamora. It’s a bit long but it is not difficult. I could have created files for my cutting machine, but I decided to put myself in the shoes of somebody who doesn’t have this kind of machine. I think you can count 5 to 10 minutes per file.

Start the assembly with the faces and glue the elements marked with the letter A together. Be careful to place the text upside down. Place the elements as in the picture.

Put some glue on the back of the text.

Glue the text on the back of the face.

Fold the face and glue it on the body where it is write B.

Now, we will assembly the puppet.

On the body, use the cutter to make small crosses at the arms and legs locations.

On every arms and legs, make two holes as illustrated : a cross for the brass fasteners and a big hole for the baker twine.

Place the brass fasteners in the crossed hole. Insert the baker twine in the big holes of the arms.

Place the arms on the body by threading the brass fasteners into the small holes.

Do the same things with the legs.

Open the brass fasteners, but don’t overtighten so that arms and legs can move.

Fix a baker twine behind the puppet.

Your puppet is finished!

For the flowers : cut out 5 petals and a large leaf per flower as in the picture.

Pass the thread through the petals one at a time.

Arrange them in a circle so that it is easier to manipulate then tighten the wire by pulling it. The petals will be tight against each other.

Fix the leaf with a stitch in the center of the flower. Place the self adhesive grip behind the flower.

Your puppets and the flowers are ready. Put them into the envelope and close with the flowers.

My daughter was very proud. She gave me lots of kisses and this is one of the most rewarding things for me.

Do you like it? It was a bit more works because I groped for the arms and legs locations, but I did it!

This kind of printable takes a lot of time to design, draw and write, so if you want to support my work you can offer me coffee over here

Click here for the file : Moana birthday, a kakamora invitation.

Did you see the Moana movie? Do your children like it?

Comments are welcome, thus do not hesitate. If you use my file and share in the social networks use the hashtag #doitwithmrlapin so I can see your realisations. <3
And now, I have to think about the decoration and the activities.
See you soon!
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