Tokyo Sanpo – Florent Chavouet

Unfortunately we will not go to Japan this year.

The travel tickets and hotel accommodation are cancelled which is already a great luck. At least we did not lose any money. We keep our money safe until we can travel again.

This does not stop us from continuing to discover Japanese culture through books or documentaries.

En parlant de livre, j’ai eu un gros coup de coeur pour Tokyo Sanpo de. J’étais déja fan de cet illustrateur grâce à Manabé Shima et je n’ai pas du tout été déçue par Tokyo Sanpo. C’est une façon de découvrir la ville par des détails qu’on ne voit pas forcément.

Speaking of books, I had a big crush on Tokyo Sanpo by Florent Chavouet. I was already a fan of this illustrator thanks to Manabé Shima and I was not disappointed at all by Tokyo Sanpo. It’s a way to discover the city through details that we don’t necessarily see.

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