Santa Claus Advent Calendar


Today I propose you to make a very simple Advent calendar.

I wanted to create an advent calendar that does not multiply packaging. There are some very beautiful advent calendar on the net, but often they are composed of multiple boxes or bags which makes as much waste to store or throw. These very pretty compositions also take a lot of place.

That’s why for some years I prefer to make a calendar with a single container. Previously I had proposed the Advent mailbox and the Santa sleigh with reindeer. This year I made a Santa Claus calendar.

You will need very little material to make this beautiful calendar :

  • the printable (download it at the bottom of the article)
  • a box of about 9 cm square (I found mine at Sostenegrene)
  • white and gray paper
  • glue, scissors

Start by cutting out all the elements. You will find in the pdf the template for the snow and for the gray circle.
If you have a Silhouette cutting machine you will find the cutting files at the bottom of the article.

Glue the snow on the lid previously painted white or covered with white paper. Fold the sides and stick them.
Glue the brick pattern on the bottom of the box.

Paste the front and back of Santa Claus together without sticking the bottom tab.

In the middle of the gray circle, cut with a cutter a slot the length of the tab of Santa Claus.

Slide the tab into the slot, unfold each part and glue them to the circle.

Paste Santa Claus on the lid of the box. And that’s all!

You only have to fill the box every day. If the gift is too big, you can slip a paper with a clue to find the surprise in the house.

You can also use this little box as a gift package or put it as decoration on your Christmas table with a present for the guests.
Do not forget to tag me or add #doitwithmrlapin if you publish your realisation on social networks.

I hope you like it. Do you make an Advent calendar? You made it or you buy it?

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To download the files click here

See you soon!

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