Life in a nutshell #12

Our planning for this summer was fuller than that for 2021.

My daughter participated in an introductory animation workshop at ateliers des Gobelins. She really loved it. If you are interested, they offer several kinds of workshops from drawing to animation to photography.

I felt watched one morning as I looked out the window, when suddenly…

I bought the accessory to make kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) with my kitchenaid processor and it works very well.

I went to the BHV looking for a mirror and saw the lamp I’ve been dreaming of getting. This one has a burnt spout, so I resisted the temptation.

We celebrated our birthdays and received beautiful gifts.

For my birthday I fell in love with this cute cake. It’s very good, but a bit heavy. I would recommend it for a teatime snack rather than for a dessert at the end of a meal. I made an illustration with this cake. You can see it here.

A few weeks ago I bought some pots and made sketches of how I would decorate them. I have started to paint one. I’m thinking of changing the pink one, which I think is too flashy.

We went to London, I will tell you about our journey in a few articles.

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