Life in a nutshell #15

These past few weeks have been busy with the opening of my store!!! I will do an post on it very soon.

I had to make a light box quickly with a cardboard and some tracing paper to make the pictures of the store because the light was absolutely horrible. I kept it to make other pictures… I’ll have to buy a good one that folds because the box is not very practical.

This year we have decided to buy a realistic artificial tree. It’s amazing. We did not take back a real tree because it is much too hot in the apartment. The tree dries in two weeks, the branches sag and it doesn’t look like anything. Of course, I had to buy some new decorations because the tree is much bigger than the ones from previous years. What an ordeal this is. 😇

We went to a Japanese Christmas market, the Shizen Market. We saw very nice illustrators, vintage objects etc.

We brought back some vintage treasures (bowls and kokeshi) and creations from illustrators I already followed on Instagram : Paiheme, Niniwanted, Amypiou.

See you soon!

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