Easter Rabbit lollipop cover #printable


I’m back with an Easter craft I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: a lollipop cover! I obviously drew bunnies because I can’t get enough of drawing this cute little animal and also because my blog is called Mister Lapin so it was hard not to make an Easter bunny.

I’ve made all kinds of Easter printables before, but I haven’t tried this one yet. You can see my previous Easter crafts here. I have also prepared another craft with a chick, but we will see that in a few days.

To make these bunnies, you need very few materials for a great effect: cardstock, the printable file (link at the bottom of the post), scissors, glue, a cutter and a hole punch. And, I almost forgot, lollipops!

Start by cutting out the rabbit. Make a hole with the punch in the middle of the centre.

To make the fold more aesthetic, lightly draw a line with the cutter. Be careful not to press too hard. It is not a question of cutting the paper, but of notching it to fold it.

Slide the stick of the lollipop into the hole.

Glue the two sides together at the top of the ears.

You can also glue the ears and then slide the lollipop in from the side.

Do the same with the other rabbits.

That’s it! All your rabbits are ready.

You can present the rabbits in two ways.

1/ Either by planting them in a stand or by placing them in a glass with the stick facing down.

2/ Either you put the stick up and then you can put the rabbits on the table next to your guests’ plate for example.

Aren’t these little rabbits so cute?

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Here is the file :

Are you going to make an Easter decoration this year?

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See you soon!

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