Easter Rabbit Eggs

The return of the sun made me want to make some DIY and take out my camera to share all that with you. You may know that I have a curious illness  called “It may be useful”. Don’t deny, if you love DIY’s you’re probably also affected.

Since a few years months, I have this little plastic eggs in my drawers (in the middle of bottles and carboard tubes, you know what I mean…). I wanted to do something with them but I had no idea. An Easter DIY, but what? Yesterday I had an illumination and I decided to make some Easter Bunnies.

All childrens do not like chocolate so I decided to create cute little boxes to hide surprises like jewels or figurines like Lego o dinosaurs. Obviously you can hide chocolate or candies for the gourmands.

It is really simple. My 7 yo daughter did some bunnies without help. Be careful because the glue gun is very hot.

Craft supplies :

  • white plastic Easter eggs
  • white pipe cleaners
  • white and pink pompom
  • googly eyes
  • pink felt
  • glue gun and scissors
  • candies, chocolate and little surprises

Tutorial :

Fold the pipe cleaner in the middle, put an egg on it. Twisted the two pipe cleaner parts and tighten. You can add some glue.

Fold the pipe cleaner to make the ears.

Glue the eyes, the nose and the tail.

You can push the attention to detail further and add pink felt on the ears.

Small rabbits are finished.

Put surprises into the box.

Aren’t they so cute? I made white rabbits but if you prefer, you can use another colors.

You can share your bunnies on social network and tag #DoItWithMrLapin. I would be very glad to see them. 🙂

See you soon!

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