Today I’m sharing a craft with a cute and simple Easter chick and bunny to make for Easter.

Material :

  • two emptied or plastic eggs
  • felt (pink and black)
  • feathers
  • a pompom
  • string
  • orange paper / white paper
  • cardboard tube / cardboard
  • burlap
  • masking tape or pretty papers
  • googly eyes
  • glue, cutter, double-sided tape, pencil
  • straws (optional)

For the chick, cut the cardboard tube to look like an egg cup. Cover it with masking tape or pretty paper.

Then glue the eyes, the beak cut out of orange paper and the feathers.

For the rabbit, cut out paws, nose, eye patch and inside ears from the felt.

Cut out ears from white paper.

Make a quiff and whiskers with the string.

Make a stand with the feather board and cover it with burlap.

Then assemble all the pieces.

Cut straws to fit around the egg and glue them to the burlap base. You can plant a few daisies inside to give it a springtime look.

Aren’t they too cute?

un poussin et un lapin de Pâques

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