Beanie Boos Party Invitation #Printable


Now that Miss E.’s birthday is behind me, I finally have time to share all the little things I created for the party. I start with the invitation. She hesitated a lot on the theme of the party: she wanted music, Sylvanian families, Yo-Kai Watch and finally she chose Beanie Boos.

I did not know what to do with this theme, and ideas came slowly. For the invitation I even had several ideas, including a plush and sewing one that I gave up because it would have taken me too much time. Maybe I’ll show you this idea later.

I chose to use a material I know very well : paper.

Supplies :

The pdf file printed on a thick sheet of paper
or the silhouette cameo file

Glue, scissors, cutter

Glassine paper envelope

Twine and Masking Tape

Cut all the parts.

Glue head’s front and back together.

!!!!! Be careful !!!!! Look at the picture and put glue only where you see yellow : on the ears and the head’s contours. If you put glue in the middle you will not be able to slip the card inside.

Glue the front and back of the invitation card together. Then fix the kangaroo baby’s head on the RECTO of the card.

For the baby, fix only the top of the head (look on the picture below). Do not stick the ears as they will protrude over the kangaroo mom’s head when you slide the card inside.

Assemble all invitations.

Then, put the invitations in the glassine paper envelope. Make a hole in the labels and tie the twine.

If you want the labels to look like those on the stuffed animals, use a word processor and the png file of the heart. I used the cookies font.

If you want to keep things simple, write with a white pen on the printed side or with a black pen on the back.

Fold the bag, put the label and fix with the masking tape.

And now, it’s over! These cute invitations are ready to be distributed.

Do you like it?


Invitation PDF
(For 2 invitations : print two page 1 and one page 2)

Silhouette cameo File
(File to unzip)

Heart for the label

Feel free to leave me a comment below and show me your realisation on social networks by tagging #doitwithMisterLapin .

See you soon!

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