The Genshin Impact exhibition in Paris – Galerie Joseph

Yesterday we went with our daughter to an exhibition about her favorite game: Genshin Impact.

First of all for those who might be wondering what Genshin Impact is: it is an action-RPG video game developed by miHoYo, released in 2020 on several platforms.

The exhibition, which runs until January 10 at the Joseph Gallery, is the first exhibition on the world of Teyvat, a world divided into seven nations and where the action of the game takes place. If you want to go there, I advise you to register online to get the special ticket (there are 1200 distributed per day) and especially to go early. I think Monday and Tuesday will be less crowded, but Saturday was really busy. We arrived around 8:30 am and we did really well because, at the end of our visit, it became difficult to circulate.

The Genshin Impact exhibition

Genshin Impact

In the first room there is a relief map of the world of Teyvat. The grey areas around it are the unblocked areas, which leaves a lot of potential for the game.

The exhibition is divided into four sections:

  1. The World of Teyvat which introduces elemental elements and creatures, landscape designs.
  2. Faithful companions where you learn more about the process of character creation.
  3. Immersive tunes with headphones to listen to the game music
  4. A never-ending adventure where you can see fan art made by people from all over the world.

Here are some pictures for your eyes pleasure. The universe of Genshin Impact is very beautiful visually.

Quests and goodies

At the beginning of the exhibition we received a booklet with quests to complete. This is also why I advised you to arrive early: each quest gives the right to an exclusive postcard. The number of quests is limited each day, first come, first served.

When a quest is completed, the card is stamped and with two completed quests you can draw a ticket from an urn. Each draw is a winner. The miss won a postcard, but there are also badges, flat figures of the characters, a tote bag and paper bags.

My daughter has done all three quests to get the card completed.

Here is what she brought back from the show. The blobs are little hats that were handed out while we waited outside.

And here is the glossy ticket.

Genshin Impact #AventureSansFinEnTeyvat is a very nice exhibition, the illustrations and the universe of the game are beautiful. It is worth the trip for the fans especially because you have to be passionate to brave the crowd haha. My daughter came out delighted and so did we because we could discover this universe with her.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizing team, who were absolutely adorable. It can’t be easy to manage this kind of event.

Do you know Genshin Impact? Do you play it?

Photo of my daughter and me

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