Sketchbook Monday #17

I started to draw some illustrations for Halloween.

I will soon show you the sticker sheet I made from this sketch. I think I prefer to do my sketches on paper rather than on a tablet. Procreate allows me to go backwards which makes my sketches less spontaneous.

I really enjoy exploring colours with Posca. It allows me to reduce my palette, which I find very difficult to do with digital illustration. Having too many colours at my disposal doesn’t help me to get to the point!

I’ll take you on a tour of my notebook where I only do Posca illustrations. For the backgrounds I often use coloured sheets that I cut to the size of the notebook. This saves me from emptying my markers to fill the sheet.

If you want to see my other videos, I have a Youtube channel. There’s not much in there yet, but I’ll fill it in gradually .

See you soon!

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