London – Day 05

During our week in London, we were very lucky as the rain left us alone for our outdoor walks.

During the day, we took the bus from our hotel to Westminster.

For breakfast, we had spotted the Cellarium, a pretty little restaurant in a vaulted cellar. We had a bit of trouble finding it, so I’ll tell you how to get there. On the square where the entrance to Westminster is located, you’ll find a passageway that leads to an inner courtyard called Deans Yard. The passage is closed off by a gate so we were reluctant to go through, but there’s no need to worry, you’re good to go. Once inside Deans Yard, there were no signs, our GPS app told us we’d arrived, but we couldn’t find the entrance. Once you’re in the inner courtyard, turn left at the entrance to the cloister. Once through this door, you’ll see the restaurant sign. The place is charming and we had a good breakfast there.

Leaving the restaurant, we visited the cloister, where we saw the oldest British door.

Here’s a little tip: if you go this way, you can get inside Westminster without queuing. However, it doesn’t let you into the paying section, which we didn’t mind as we didn’t want to visit it. So we took a look at the nave and its magnificent vaulted ceiling, then popped into the store for some souvenirs.


From there, we did a lot of walking. We headed for Big Ben to cross the bridge to the other side of the Thames. Once on the other side, we admired the Palace of Westminster, seat of the English Parliament.

We walked along the Thames towards Tower Bridge and then the City. It’s a circuit that allows you to see a lot of tourist attractions: the Ferris wheel, the City skyline, big boats, the Tate Modern, the Tower of London and so on.

Before arriving at Tower Bridge, we stopped off at Bourough Market for lunch. Our choice was Applebee’s Fish for fish and ships. It would have been a shame to come to London without eating some!

Once we’d had our fill, we resumed our walk towards Tower Bridge.

We then headed for the City to see the Gherkin Tower.

It was in this neighborhood that I finally found a Paperchase store. It used to be the kingdom of stationery. I’m talking about it in the past tense, because unfortunately all the stores are now closed. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Naturally, we made a few purchases. The little cat is reversible.

Finally, we passed through Leadenhall Market.

The day ended at a very, very good Italian restaurant near our hotel. It’s called Bongusto and the owner is Italian, so you can go there with your eyes closed. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

I hope you enjoyed the walk. I recommend you follow this itinerary if you don’t spend much time in London, it will allow you to see a lot of the sights. It’s an itinerary we followed the first time, but in the other direction.

And for other days in London, click here.

See you soon!

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