Life in a nutshell #23

Lately I’ve been doing some shopping. I show you!

I’ve tried the choux from Le Chou Français and it’s really good.

I went to see the Modigliani un peintre et son marchand exhibition with a friend. She gave me my birthday presents (we hadn’t seen each other since August) and we took a tour of the Japanese Quarter.

I went to the BHV and saw the Little Prince, some funny lamps and some cool Halloween decorations.

I couldn’t help putting googly eyes on the spider and scorpion.

We went to the Paris Manga Sci-Fi Show. To be honest, it’s mostly manga. We saw some cool stuff and made a few purchases.

I found some cards at Adrien Lopes and a nice Pokedex revisited by Colonel Moutarde.

I’ve tested printing to sell magnets in my store, but the paper is too thin.

My husband went to Stockholm and brought back this typical horse and a cute little pig.

See you soon!

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