Life in a nutshell #14

The Halloween decorations are put away.

I used the pretty kit Mr. brought back from San Francisco as a pencil holder.

We saw a very scary baby on the street. He had a little hospital bracelet attached to his arm, brrr.

I found a small shelf at Muji to store the stickers for my future store, but it doesn’t fit in my closet. So I used it to display a few items from my collections.

The misses prepared bread of the dead for the Spanish class.

I ate a gigantic profiterole.

The miss is practicing her drawing skills with reference sites for artists. I will do an article on the ones I use.

Christmas is starting to settle in at home. The house is a Marks and Spencer cookie jar found here and the mug is from Flying Tiger.

The doc forgot to refuel, haha.

I also saw some interesting exhibitions that I will tell you about soon. What’s new with you?

See you soon!

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