Gingerbread House Advent Calendar


My daughter asked for a homemade calendar. Like in previous years (which you can see here or here), I decided to make one box that will be filled each day with a small gift.

This year she will find Amibo cards to add characters in Animal Crossing New Horizons as well as some surprises and chocolates.

I hadn’t really planned on doing a blog post. So I didn’t photographed the different steps, but it’s very easy to do.

I found a small square box at Sostrene Grene, like last year. It is about 10 cm square, so the templates I give you are for these dimensions. You can, however, take inspiration from it and make larger elements.

I printed and cut out the different elements, created a cardboard roof that I attached to the lid of the box and all I glued everything on.

I then added a few items I bought for the occasion or that I already had. I found the fence, the twigs and the little wooden bucket at Creavea. The letterbox and the tree come from Sostrene Grene. I bought them last year. I made the snowman out of what I had in my closet: two pom poms glued one on top of the other, two mini buttons and a mini red pom pom. The small pile of snowballs was also made with mini pom poms from my stock of materials.

The stones in front of the house are simple gray paper cut and glued directly to the support.

This lovely house is a piece of Christmas decor that we will gladly keep for years to come. The tree next to the house will be decorated a little each day until Christmas.

Here are the files!

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