Carnavalet Museum – Paris

The Carnavalet Museum is a museum that traces the history of the city of Paris. It was closed for many years for renovation. It welcomes visitors again since a few weeks.

The first room is devoted to the symbols and the motto of Paris. The second room tells the history of the building and the museum, shows the diversity of the collections and the current events of the museum.

The gallery of trade signs is probably the room that I preferred. There are the signs of old Parisian stores. It is the most complete collection of the museum.

Then come the rooms of history of Paris from prehistory to our days.

All these collections take place in a magnificent place. The Hôtel des Ligneris (known as Carnavalet) is one of the rare examples of Renaissance architecture in Paris. Built in the middle of the 16th century (1548-1560) for Jacques des Ligneris, President of the Parliament of Paris, it is one of the oldest private mansions in the Marais district of Paris. The hotel was bought by the city in 1866 to make it a museum telling the history of Paris. It was enlarged and elements from other Parisian buildings were inserted into its architecture.

I hope that all these photos will have given you the desire to go there. I leave you with this view of Père Lachaise.

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