Beanie Boo Birthday – activities

After the posts on the invitation and the decoration, I will show you today what I prepared as activities for the guests.

I will put the files to be printed directly under the pictures of the corresponding activity, it will be easier.

For each craft I prepared labels with the first names so that each one left with her craft and not the one of another.

To start, I prepared some cards and a support. For the backing, I glued the printable to cardboard so that it would be rigid. I glued the rectangles on one side and the pattern (second page of the file) on the back.

I printed and cut out the “vet” and “control” cards. I glued the patterns on the back of the cards and laminated the whole thing. I added a small clip to hang the card on the support.

These are the files for this activity.

To start, I had the kids decorate boxes. I bought cardboard boxes with handles for the guests to put their crafts and gifts in.

They had to glue the white cut sheets to create a barrier around the box. I had provided markers as well so they could decorate as they pleased.

I don’t have a picture of the finished boxes so I’ll show you the boxes being decorated ( look at the sublime montage, haha).

For the second activity I had them make little party hats. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the material (I forgot), but it’s very simple: a sheet of patterned paper with a half-circle, crepe paper for the bottom of the hat and a pompom for the top. The next photo is a test I did before the party.

For the third activity I asked them to build a hot air balloon. The material needed is on the picture: cardboard ice cream cups, skewers and straws to decorate them, balloons, masking tape and stickers for the decoration.

And these are their creations.

At that time, they were wondering a lot about the purpose of it all, haha.

So I sent them off to play in my daughter’s room and pulled out my secret weapon that brought stars to their eyes: Beanie Boo stuffed animals! I decorated a box as if it were a small enclosure with an “adopt us” sign.

I also printed adoption certificates.

I also had two activities planned that we didn’t have time to do, but I’m showing them to you to give you ideas.

I prepared some shrink plastic medals to personalize. The necklace was made of pipe cleaner and the kids could decorate them with beads.

I had also prepared little sets to decorate notebooks. I slipped the bags into the box for them to do at home. Instructions are noted on the label.

Finally, here’s what I slipped into the boxes to take home.

I hope this has given you some ideas. Of course you can transfer these activities to other stuffed animals.

Leave me a quick comment below and if you share on Instagram, tag me or use #doitwithmrlapin .

All these files are for personal use only.

See you soon!

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